"... shaped as if they had been unskilfully cut off the chumpend of something."

All music written, performed, recorded, and produced by Simon Neufeld, of The Land. Have a listen. If you listen to this music, please let me know.
(You may also enjoy the music of my friend and fellow home-recordist Curt over at the Basement Classics.)

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computer=GB/PT, minidisc=MD, four track=4T

Volume Eight

Fear not, little flock (PT/GB July 2017)
The Best Place In The World (PT May 2017)
In time (PT April 2017)
Breaking things down (PT March 2017)

Volume Seven

Download Chumpends Vol. 7 (53 MB .zip file)

Leaving Montreal (VIDEO!) (PT February 2017)
Arpeggio (PT January 2017)
Old, old world (PT January 2017)
Larry Niven's Ringworld (PT December 2016)
Do you know? (PT November 2016)
Skipping stones (VIDEO!) (PT November 2016)
Before Abendandacht (PT October 2016)
Dark waters (PT June 2016)
Atmosphere (PT May 2016)
Irregular bells (VIDEO!) (PT May 2016)

Volume Six

Download Chumpends Vol. 6 (67 MB .zip file)

ACORN (GB October 2015)
Oh, that dark track (PT June 2015)
Chumpend Ringtone #2 (GB April 2015)
Chumpend Ringtone #1 (GB April 2015)
It's getting on April (GB March 2015)
Banjo 23 (PT September 2014)
Song on demand (GB June 2014)
Humming in the bookstore (GB June 2014)
Open mic (PT April 2014)
Ringing (GB January 2014)
Words run dry (PT July 2013)
Letter posted from Saskatoon (PT May 2013)

Roughend Chumpends

Download Roughend Chumpends (38 MB .zip file)

Volume Five

Download Chumpends Vol. 5 (86 MB .zip file)

Flu night serenade (PT March 2013)
Second (PT February 2013)
Long way to fall (GB December 2012)
Softness (GB November 2012)
Late night telephone call (GB October 2012)
Inclement weather (GB June 2012)
Dust on the window, early summer came in March (MD March 2012)
Before we moved in (GB March 2012)
Insomnia (GB February 2012)
Music I hear (VIDEO!)(GB February 2012)

Volume Four

Download Chumpends Vol. 4 (63 MB .zip file)

4/10 (GB December 2011)
There's a hole in the wall (GB October 2011)
Davis, CA (GB October 2011)
Did it ever sink in? (GB September 2011)
Too Tired (GB September 2011)
Photographs of You (GB July 2011)
Hunger and Thirst (GB July 2011)
Electro (GB July 2011)
It turns out I like the music of Edgar Froese (GB July 2011)
California (GB March 2011)

Volume Three

Download Chumpends Vol. 3 (44 MB .zip file)

20 Feet (GB March 2011)
Auction sale fever dream (GB Jan 2011)
Fresh rain fallen (GB Mar 2010)
Noodles (GB Oct 2009)
Bells don't ring here (GB Oct 2009)
Etiquette (GB Mar 2009)
Space... (GB Feb 2009)
The streets of Chihuahua (GB Jan 2009)
Gabriel Varden's golden key (GB Nov 2008)
This city (GB Oct 2008)

Volume Two

Download Chumpends Vol. 2 (34 MB .zip file)

The wires and the habits (4T Summer 2005)
When will good? (GB Feb 2008)
You are mine (GB Nov 2007)
Marimba me (GB Jan 2008)
Escape from O'Hare (GB Feb 2008)
Where is the child? (MD Dec 2007)
Memories Remain (GB Aug 2007)
Kristofferson's Word (GB Jul 2007)
Ion Unmade (GB/other Fall 2006)
Omega Man (GB Mar 2007)

Volume One

Download Chumpends Vol. 1 (39 MB .zip file)

Frosty (GB Jan 2007)
Luke 3 (GB Jan 2007)
Saskatoon (GB Oct 2006)
Nothing to lose (GB May 2006)
Dust storm (GB Mar 2006)
St Valentine (GB Feb 2006)
When the birds fly (MD Nov 2005)
Take it (GB Jan 2006)
My lucky horseshoe (GB Jan 2006)
Amputations (GB Nov 2005)



August 4, 2017:
This is a fake live recording. Probably that's obvious given the vocal doubling. I didn't really like the vocal track, so I took almost all of it out except the chorus. Then I added some extra instruments. Still didn't quite feel finished, so I found a recording online of a cafe in M√ľnster, Germany. I was like, "Hey, I've been there!" so I used it. As a perfect little joke on myself, the crowd just keeps on chatting as the song dies out at the end.

May 13, 2017:
A road trip to Saskatchewan to visit a prodigal friend in his exile... via Foam Lake, SK, the self-declared "Best Place In The World To Live."

April 2, 2017:
I am taking these anti-malaria drugs lately that require I refrain from lying down for at least an hour after swallowing... which means that if I don't get around to taking the pill until I want to go to bed, I have to find something to keep me awake for one hour. I made this recording last night in just such a pinch. A song about the passing of time, the importance of passing it well, and with the people we love.

March 24, 2017:
I was chatting with a friend about how hard it is to create new routines after old ones have calcified. So when I got home, I decided to stay up nice and late creating a new song from scratch (using words that came to me within the last 24 hours and inspired the conversation with the friend). It isn't much, but it's something I created in the break. Also, welcome to Volume Eight!

February 3, 2017:
You know that new synth test I was talking about? That one from 3 days ago? Well I played with it some more. Mostly made it much slower. I used exactly the same "notes" but changed the tempo and synthesizer settings, and it became less time machine and more space cave. Also, I added a video, which is available on vimeo.

January 31, 2017:
A new synth test to see what the Arpeggiator does. And I also learned how to import a snippet of autoharp to use as a sample.

January 8, 2017:
An old synth test with new vocal track. Lots of effects. I don't like electronic drums, but I don't have real ones...

December 9, 2016:
I found some nice settings on various dials and knobs, and it made for a gentle ambient number. I have named it after the schlocky Science Fiction novel I am currently reading...

November 18, 2016:
Just a little ditty built around a line that's been stuck in my craw for a number of years. Do you know?

November 11, 2016:
I found an old video I shot of skipping stones back in 2012. I created a little pastoral atmospheric music to go with the visuals. It started with the main synth drone, which I played pretty much independently of the stones. Then I added the guitar parts, also independent of the stones. Then I added a final synth track that I tried to time to the stone skipping. I think that's where it all went wrong. Not terribly wrong, but a little bit. The video can be found over here.

October 4, 2016:
I haven't been feeling a lot of inspiration unfortunately. But I don't want my recording muscles to atrophy, so I've put this little audio collage together. There's a sample you may recognize from my Unearthed tapes, and some drum loops that came with my audio software, and some synth sounds, and to finish it off the chatter and twangs of setting up just before an evening service when Judith and I were down in Mexico so many years ago. The song is called "Before abendandacht."

June 29, 2016:
2016 was declared (by me, at some point) "The Year of Creativity" - and so I'm trying to spend more time creating things. This has manifested itself in a few ways, sometimes as frustration that I'm NOT actually creating very much. But in the last few weeks it feels like I've had a vicarious rush of creative energy. It's a different sort of vicaroiusness, that of living through my own past achievements. Is that vicarious, or nostalgic, or just delusional? Anyway. I created something new today. It's called "Dark Waters" and I'm thinking about people who are standing beside them right now. People I love and who have been in my life all my life. It is a lonley place to stand, and yet they're not alone. And I find myself desperate to know that they are not afraid. They know they are loved.

June 11, 2016:
I have created a sub-page called "Unearthed tapes" where I have posted a number of songs recorded with a 2-track cassette recorder solo and with friends. There's a little under an hour of lo-fi sounds from the '90s for everyone to enjoy. So enjoy!

May 27, 2016:
Another project that I found hanging out in my archives and I just quickly finished it off. I think I was going for some kind of pattern with the number of beats between "bell strikes" but I don't know. I saw that a metronome was running when I recorded it, but I can't tell what I was going for. And it's not worth the time to figure it out... Irregular Bells is the name I've assigned as a result.

May 19, 2016:
It has been a really long time since I've added anything to the collection. So this evening I sat down at the computer and went through a few half-finished projects. This one was called "atmosphere" - I guess because of the guitar part which seems to just kind of flutter around. At least, that's the effect I was trying for. The guitar amp was mic'ed poorly, and I couldn't get the EQ to sound right. So I decided to give up and applied a "Telephone" filter to the entire mix. So this is the sound of the atmosphere ringing through your receiver. (It's a land line.)

October 30, 2015:
About a year ago I was in Halifax when I got a frightening message on my voicemail. Trapped in a Wine and Cheese reception, three provinces east of home, and I couldn't do anything to help.

June 12, 2015:
I was flipping through old Pro Tools sessions and came across this finished but as-yet unmixed song, complete with guitars, vocals, harmonies, solos, and synthesizers. How could I let that just sit there unfinished? So here it is - a story of a young man (me) receiving poetic justice (a rainwater-drenched down sleeping bag), and then being forced to walk a very dark path to find dry clothes. Hilarious!

April 24, 2015:
I'm a Blackberry man. Have been since my first work phone. It's that handy keyboard - it feels like a little mini computer, like in the old fashioned futuristic sort of way. Like how I dreamed hand-held computers would be when I was 12. So anyway, the main drawback of the Blackberry is the ubiquitous ringtone. When I go to the office, there are at least 4 other phones with the same ring. How sheep-like can it get? So I decided to make my own ringtone. The first one was nice and ambient, but because of that I couldn't always hear it... lesson learned. The second one is also kind of peaceful, but in a higher register so that it cuts through the ambient noise a bit more. Feel free to try them on your phone, why don't you?

April 8, 2015:
A new year, a new spring. Sap is flowing from the trees. Life is a river, and it's in flood. A flood of multi-tracked electric guitars. It's getting on April.

September 3, 2014:
The song I'm posting today isn't very good, even by my own distorted standards. Most of the noise available through these links holds some small refuge in my heart, but this is just an annoying banjo riff played over and over again until I got bored and stopped. The problem is I decided to keep playing it, layering banjos onto banjo and topping it all off with a self-absorbed and depressive synthesizer line that doesn't know when to quit. But I posted it anyways. I've since found a B section to the song so all it lacks is a melody and some words to sing it with. I'm sure all the great compositions had as auspicious a beginning as this one does...

June 23, 2014:
Some friends laid down the gauntlet, and I took it up. This is their song on demand. Not much to it, but they'd better be happy! I didn't play outside this evening because of this...

June 21, 2014:
I was in an independent bookstore on Elgin in Ottawa, and heard two songs in a row by two different Winnipeg songwriters. I suddenly felt this strange civic pride/nostalgia/home sickness. And I found myself humming and singing quietly along with the song as I browsed the bookshelves. And there was this weird subconcious thing that bubbled up into my conciousness and I was embarrassed when I realized what was happening: I was hoping that someone in the store would notice that I knew these songs and start a conversation. About Winnipeg. What is up with that, right?

April 2, 2014:
I'm not going to say much about this beyond the fact that this latest song introduces a new instrument to the Chumpend Library: the autoharp. Quite pleasant, really. Also, I kind of like the polar opposites represented in this song - Let's go tonight to play the open mic, and when life sends a message will you be listening, or will you be in some bar playing songs?

January 8, 2014:
What started as a quick scratch track to remember a guitar noodle became this rather bloated piece of over-production. I don't own drums, but Garage Band comes with this keyboard drum machine, and wouldn't you know you can just add some drums if you want without having to find a drummer. Of course, as I recorded this thing the drums weren't exactly on the beat each time (it didn't help that the original guitar part was recorded without a metronome). Some time later, after I'd nudged the worst offenders around a bit to prevent total loss of rhythm , I had a song. For you, no-one.

July 13, 2013:
With a bit of time on my hands the last few evenings, I put some words to music after a long drought. And like plant growth after a drought, this isn't exactly the most verdant of efforts - but I definitely like what's happening in the ProTools department. Realizing that it's mostly in my own head (having a proper recording tool makes me try harder), music seems to sound better when I record into ProTools.

So anyways, before I get too advertorial I will say about this song that it grows out of a few scratched notes from who knows when that I stumbled on when rooting through my guitar case. I was thinking at the time about the naming of things. Metaphors help us understand a thing by reducing that thing to the shared characteristics within the metaphorical comparison. Metaphors are always a shadow of the real thing. When we start to use metaphors as synonyms, our understanding of the thing is limited to those shared characteristics. For example, calling the brain a computer. In this song I'm thinking about the use of the term "machine" in reference to a human body - a more limited metaphor would be difficult to find.

May 30, 2013:
A new tune based on words that came to me while ruminating on a letter I still think about from time to time. A friend wrote me about a beautiful thing he had seen while home over the Christmas holidays: a Tim Horton's coffee cup spinning around in the street, tracing spirals on the stll fresh snow of the early morning. Why has that story stuck with me? I don't even know if I'm remembering it right, but the idea it conveyed wedged itself deep into my brain. And now I am forced by that idea to try giving all things a chance to be beautiful, even when made up of rather ugly ingredients. I don't always succeed.

I should also point out a few things about the recording. First, it was recorded after dark and there was some kind of fat, grap-sized flying insect buzzing and batting against the screens and glass in the room. You can hear it/them. Second, I obviously screwed up a chord change in the middle, and since I was getting tired I just decided to "Chumpend" it. So it stayed un-fixed in all its spontaneous glory.

March 5, 2013:
I have made the switch to ProTools, and to celebrate I am posting a few things all at once. First, the last song in Chumpends Volume 5 - a little noodle recorded (to begin with) as lullaby to a flu sufferer. Second, because there were a whole bunch of orphaned recordings kicking around in GarageBand that needed cleaning up now that I'm leaving it behind, I've created a volume of quick and dirty mix-downs called "Roughend Chumpends" that includes 10 songs that didn't get even the thin layer of varnish my chumpends are accustomed to. They will be available as a compressed archive to download all together, soon I hope!

February 17, 2013:
I have recently added some new audio recording accoutrements to my computer, and it came with kiddie ProTools. So I'm hoping to leave GarageBand behind me. Anyway, I'm posting a new song that I recorded on the ProTools system, and using some interesting virtual (phoney) synthesizer sounds. After messing around for long enough, I found some timbres I liked. Maybe you do, too?

December 1, 2012:
Two more songs. Softness is just that: I created a nice little sound that my ears liked, and recorded this ditty to give it a tune to hum. Long way to fall was born out of a totally random memory of a camp crush from my childhood - or whatever that awkward stage is when we're not quite sure what we are. Anyways, falling off a horse (repeatedly) is not good for one's confidence with the young Minnesotan cowgirls one paddock over... but I suppose it's good for an epic song 22ish years later.

October 15, 2012:
I've posted two new songs today, one of which is a few months old but was just recently found again, the other written, recorded, and posted this weekend. Late Night Telephone Call is a song I wrote using a Lynn Miles lyric as its "backbone", and I write it for a contest on CBC Ottawa's All In A Day. For what it's worth, contests can be a good incentive towards creativity. Who'd've known?

March 22, 2012:
Just a song that came to me in a split second. The fingers found their places on the strings and the words came almost at the same time as I sat in front of the livingroom window humming the tune.

March 11, 2012:
I've been inspired by the thought of who lived here before us. Living in these old apartments is like living in a museum diorama with all the explanatory panels removed. There are stories buried in the walls, layers of life painted onto layers of life. So who were they? Why did they paint the walls gray? Why did they run so many coaxial cables all over the place? How many different homes have occupied this house? Did they all enjoy the rainbows of sunlight shining through the stained-glass window as much as we do? Could they with walls painted the colour they were when we moved in? The questions!

February 17, 2012:
Romanticism. Also, video productionism. Done in a very big hurry without too much editing, which means that it counts as a Chumpend Video. It's fun stuff, is videos.

January 8, 2012:
Happy New Year. Happy New Chumpend Volume. Happy Sleepless Night. So between 5 and 6 AM I put this together. An old guitar part severely crushed, and a couple of computer-generated atmospheres. Still not sleepy, though.

December 6, 2011:
A friend posted a link to a Brian Eno song on YouTube. I listened to it. Then I listened to a different Brian Eno song titled "1/1" from his album "Music for Airports." Then I recorded this song. It's long and slow. It's an attempt to create what some people call "furniture music" but I know that the furniture I built here is probably no better than a quickly sewn beanbag chair that will soon loose all its filling. Such is life in the chumpend lane.

October 27, 2011:
I call this a Hymn to our present dwelling. It's nice here.

October 6, 2011:
Here's a song I would have written in March if I had had the time at the time. A lonely walk through the streets of a beautiful college town in California. I wanted something familiar. I wanted something comfortable. I didn't know what was coming. In other news I would comment, looking back on the Chumpend progress, that 2011 has been a banner year for productivity. I won't say anything about quality, but certainly in the quantity department I've been above average - already at 10 recordings, 3 more than the first few years, and 9 more than 2010! We won't ask what happened in July that suddenly caused the burst of creative energy.

September 12, 2011:
Here in Ottawa, and it still hasn't sunk in yet. Finally got around to setting up the computer connections and was able to post a few songs from the back burner. Creative juices running freely these days...

July 15, 2011:
I was sick of the idea of computer-mediated music. I realized that what I love about old science fiction soundtracks is the fact that they were made using analogue equipment. The Barrons used tape. They created electrical circuits, overloaded them, recorded everything, and then spliced all the tapes together to make a "song." What I'm doing is a poor imitation of their creative powers. It's an insult to say that what I'm doing is even inspired by what they did. So I take that back, and say instead that I had certain sounds in my mind, and GarageBand made me do it... And as a sort of apology, I offer this very acoustic song made only with the guitar and banging on the desk. And then adding a bunch of Garageband effects to make it sound how I want it to... And Judith, it's especially for you in St. John's.

July 13, 2011:
Continuing on the journey into outer space, I watched "Silent Running" today. If you weren't absolutely sure that this was the definitive space film for the flower-power generation within the first 5 minutes, your hunch would be quickly confirmed when none other than Joan Baez starts singing about children running in the sun. There's a strange incongruity between watching a man in a space-aged jump suit on an "American Airlines Space Freighter"tending plants in a geodesic dome, and listening to the voice of the 60's folk revival sing about the importance of protecting the environment.

The premise of the film is that there are no plants left on earth, so in some kind of brilliant moment of foresight, the Americans put a bunch of space ships out beyond Saturn with forests on board. The movie begins at the tail end of the mission - or so we find out in the first little while when the ships are ordered to Nuke the forests and report back to earth. One problem: the resident botanist will stop at nothing to save the trees!

Great moments: Eagle lands on botanists arm, he chastizes it for biting him; botanist teaching robots to play poker, and celebrating when they beat him; "Huey! I thought I told you to stay in the forest!" (you'll have to watch the movie to know why that's a funny line).

July 12, 2011:
A certain someone is travelling, and so I turn to dusty (and not so dusty) science fiction cinema to pass the time. And let me tell you, the sountracks are awesome! I know I've posted about the 2010 soundtrack before (October 2, 2009), but I've recently watched Tron:Legacy, which was a better fim than I expected, and a way better soundtrack than the film deserved. Well I shouldn't say that, it went very well with the visuals. The other movie soundtrack worth noting is that of Forbidden Planet (1956), whose claim to fame is being the first movie with an all-electronic soundtrack. They couldn't call it "music" (because the Musician's Union didn't think that what Louis and Bebe Barron were doing would be good for instrumentalist jobs). So they were forced to call it "Electronic Tonalities". The Barrons never did another soundtrack again, but they certainly set the stage for the development of electro-acoustic music, and continued to be active composers until their deaths. Bebe's final composition, Mixed Emotions, was completed in 2000. Here's a link to a youtube clip of the opening titles for Forbidden Planet.

Later that day, March 12, 2011:
Chumpends 4 is cracked - and I'll need to put an album download for Chumpends 3 now that I finished it last night. Very exciting!

March 12, 2011:
The wind is blowing something fierce. Reflecting on the uncertainties of life - there's no use trying to predict where we're heading.

Jan 24, 2011:
It's been a while. Here's a bit of something put together while listening to and thinking about an auction sale Judith and I went to in northern Mexico a few years ago. You hear spanish, low german, and maybe some english if you're lucky. But mostly we just felt like idiots because we couldn't speak either of the official auction languages. It's a nostalgic thing, listening to the sounds of a place. They say the sense of smell sticks in the memory the longest, but perhaps that's because we don't have too many sound recordings of our everyday existance. The sound of the desk rattling and the keyboard clattering as I type this little note. The sound of cars drifting by the window. The sound of the heater clicking on as the room temperature drops. The sound of a small violin playing Manitoba Hotdog. Maybe in 50 years I'd hear all that mixed together and think "Winkler." No doubt.

Mar 31, 2010:
The latest additions are a noodle from last october that I finally got around to posting, and a really old song (10+ years) that I had completely forgotten, and then re-discovered while digging through the accumulated papers in my guitar case. The words brought back the sound of the guitar part, and I quickly shot it all into the computer for posterity. In fact, Fresh Rain Fallen dates back to a time when I drove to Winkler, when the fact that Winkler would be my home was probably the furthest thing from my mind... ah, the 1990s!

Oct 2, 2009:
Winkler don't have a bell tower. It's not that kind o' town. But the way these banjos ring, it made me think of ringing. And my interest in cheesey 80's soundtrack synth sounds continues. Have you heard the soundtrack to 2010? The rather poorly executed non-Kuberician sequel to 2001: Space Odyssey? Whilst the movie left me disappointed, there was a certain something-or-other about the aural atmosphere of the movie that has remained in my mind...

Mar 22, 2009:
The laptop was giving me troubles when I recorded this: it kept stopping the recording in the middle of takes because of a core audio failure or some such error. But in keeping with the chumpend philosophy, I could not do retakes. And so the solution becomes the addition of various effects and computer-based instrument tracks to mask the interruptions. Then, when I added the vocal track, I needed an adequately rough sound to match with the rough nature of the instrumentation. What you hear is the introudction to the etiquette chapter of "All About Weddings and Etiquette" by James Glennon and Chris Arnold, published in 1980 by Coles Publishing Company Limited (Toronto).

Feb 22, 2009:
Instrumental parts seem to be coming to me easier than lyrical parts these days. So I've given up on words for the moment, and decided to treat you to a couple of instrumental pieces. The first, Space..., takes a simple guitar part, layered with a couple of "atmospheric" supplemental guitars, and adds a few "super-atmospheric" ornaments much desired by the "let's go to the planetarium today" part of my personality.

Jan 25, 2009:
I've been tinkering with the built-in instruments of Garage Band. It's pathetic, I know. But I just don't have the patience these days to pull out my guitar and record a real instrumental track. So I piece together a song with the computer machines, and then add a bit of reality in the form of ambient street noises I recorded in Chihuahua, Mexico back in 2006. Now it's a song.

Nov 16, 2008:
A new song. It's inspired by a paragraph in Barnaby Rudge, by Charles Dickens. It goes something like: "From the workshop of the Golden Key, there issued forth a tinkling sound, so merry and good-humoured, that it suggested the idea of some one working blithely, and made quite pleasant music. No man who hammered on at a dull monotonous duty, could have brought such cheerful notes from steel and iron; none but a chirping, healthy, honest-hearted fellow, who made the best of everything, and felt kindly towards everybody, could have done it for an instant. He might have been a coppersmith, and still been musical. If he had sat in a jolting waggon, full of rods of iron, it seemed as if he would have brought some harmony out of it."

Oct 19 2008:
A quick and dirty little ditty about St. John's, written this morning (the text anyway). Judith returns this evening from there... enjoy the song. In other news, this new song is the first in the Chumpends 3 collection. I've reached 21 songs "released"! What a treat. Eventually I'll create another bulk download for volume 2.

June 13 2008:
I've been thinking this website needs some spring cleaning. So to accomplish this task, I've archived a bunch of the older songs (the first 10 to be exact). They are still available by downloading "Chumpends Vol. 1" at the bottom of the list. I'm kind of thinking that this is going to be like the first in a series of "albums" but of course they'll all be free. What could they possibly be worth? And I added a new song - The wires and the habits. This song was recorded at the same time as everything that ended up on The Land's debut CD. But of course, not everything made it on the CD, so this little distorted remnant was left behind. I recently came upon it and decided to remix it and give it life as a chumpend.

March 13 2008:
Nothing much to report other than I have too much time on my hands, or at least have a total inability to adequately rank my priorities. And so you behold this bright shiny new website design. Of course, it didn't take much, just a choice of fonts and colours. But will it help my thesis? No.

February 26 2008:
Cleaning out the vaults today and I found a few stragglers. And because this page is called "The Chumpend Songs" I didn't allow myself to judge whether these three "songs" were fit to post or not. They all went up.

February 2 2008:
New song - Escape from O'Hare, the harrowing tale of my trip home from Louisville, KY. Or actually the calm tale of my feelings after reaching home. That's more like it.

December 11 2007:
The Chumpends Album has been released. You can download all the songs in one go by clicking the "Download collection" link at the bottom of the list. Enjoy!

December 4 2007:
Merry Christmas, with a new song on a rather sad Christmas note. But I'm ready for the Christmas revolution.

August 30 2007:
Here's a new song out of old materials. Used to be a song about taking the bus, now its a different song also about taking the bus. I like this version better. You wouldn't know.

July 7 2007:
Late night reverting to the old layout. I think it works better. Like fans in the window instead of air-conditioners. And why, I ask the multitudes, do cars label the air-conditioning button with an A/C, as though the button will engage either Air or Conditioning. I have seen, in a Volkswagon, the button labeled simply AC, which in my mind is the most appropriate abbreviation. Imagine the latest disagreements at the U/N, or someone being really P/O'ed. I don't know, it just doesn't work for me.

March 20 2007:
Last fall Judith and I traveled to Halifax to visit friends. Clark Richards and I were part of Union Made together. Clark's wife just got a new cello bow. So there was now a bow to use on Clark's electric bass. Fun ensued, and this little clip resulted (though I added several other sounds in "post production" ha ha).

March 16 2007:
About a month or so ago, I watched a great Charlton Hesston film, The Omega Man. Now I've written a song about it. Enjoy.

Jan 20 2007:
Last night Judith and I were at a concert at which Ben Reimer played a concert marimba. It was an amazing sight to say nothing of the sound. Pure delight is all I can say. So I was inspired by the 20th century minimalist music played and decided to try my hand at some serial music. The idea is I set up 5 tracks with a marimba type sound, each set in a slightly different pattern in a slightly different time signature. Then I just set them up to loop for a while (about 2 minutes to be exact). Decided to call it a song. Probably it's just an idea...

Jan 12 2007:
I was reading Luke chapter 3 and the words of John the Baptist cut right through the double speak we're so used to hearing on the radio. Now that Mr. Bush has decided to turn his utter failure in Iraq into an exuse to send more people (Iraqi, American, etc.) to their death, John's words "bear fruits that befit repentance" seem to make so much sense. "Those with two coats, let them share, and those with food let them do likewise." It seems so simple.

Oct 25 2006:
It was only because one man managed to survive a walk back into town without a jacket that the truth of the matter was revealed. It's hard to imagine the depths a person would have to sink to - to make it possible to drive a drunk human being to a dark drift in a field somewhere miles away from warmth, and then drive back into Saskatoon to continue with the evening shift. And to do this many times over the years. How can a person go home and sleep, without some poison seeping into the heart? It is poison in the heart that makes acts like that possible, I suppose. I've been thinking about this story for the last few days, so I put this song together about it.

June 19, 2006: I haven't put any new music on here in a while. The problem is this: while moving from Newfoundland to Manitoba (with 3 months in Mexico in between) I seem to have lost track of a bunch of cables, and both of my microphones. Until I find those, I won't be able to do much in the way of recording new tid bits. I cry myself to sleep every night.